DOWNLOAD Single:  "Postcard" feat. Tahira Clayton
music and lyrics by Addison Frei, video directed by Simon C.F. Yu

"Transit"- directed by William D. Ashton, Orange Sequoia Films. Music and lyrics by Addison Frei. PURCHASE TRANSIT

"Two Step" by Addison Frei from his debut album Intentions. PURCHASE INTENTIONS 
Streetlamp casts light over pavement put to feet. Shine so that any road, any scene, may be a street of dreams.
Two feet stepping, Heart beat rising, Street light shining, Past behind me...

Addison Frei's arrangement of Johannes Brahms' 4th Symphony melodies. PURCHASE INTENTIONS 

Addison Frei plays Billy Strayhorn's "Blood Count". Written in 1967, this was Strayhorn's final composition. 

Addison Frei plays the state song of Kansas... "Home on the Range" found on Intentions.

Delicate fog haunts the road
While a bus rumbles persistently along.
Jolts and bumps ordinarily considered
A nuisance now lull her slowly to sleep.

Cold has never felt so warm and
I have never felt such peace.

Nolan Byrd's "NMG" feat. Remy Leboeuf, Addison Frei, and Perrin Grace.

Flow available at "Flow" comp. by Matt Young 

Addison Frei interprets "April Come She Will" by Paul Simon.